Why N-Word Is Not Cool


We’ve been through a lot of things to reach where we are today. But it looks like we forgot the measures had to be taken to get here. As representatives of the Black community, we should embody respect towards our race, by doing so, others would respect us based on the content of our character.

Deep Psychological Wiring

Did you know the meaning of N-word? The people who were against us back in the time of slavery used the very same language to refer our race. N-word has been a norm that most people would just find funny and normal. But what you don’t know is the deep psychological wiring it brings to our children and ourselves. It indirectly wires our brains to get used to the slavery mentality. We’re not against fun nor comedians whose intention is to make people laugh. We are against the meaning and the psychological effect it brings.

Disrespecting the People Who Fought for Our Civil Rights

Our ancestors endured centuries of slavery and captivity, helpless but hopeful that one day, every Black would have the chance to live a fulfilled life. Using the N-word means forgetting their suffering and sacrifices. The N-word means nullifying the respect our ancestors yearn for centuries. No tech blog should use the N-word simply because it’s the norm. It is disrespectful and unethical.


What Can You Do?

First, don’t use the language at all. Second, be an example. And third, don’t support celebrities nor influential people who use the language. There are so many things that we can do to change the mindset of other people towards our race. We are on the right track, so let us not step back. This is not limited for the African-American community, every person on this planet is created equal. Let’s think twice or thrice before opening our mouths. For once you said the words, you can no longer take them back.