Things Your Black Friend Is Not Telling You

We guess the dream came through, where children of a different race can play together and be friends. But due to cultural differences, here are the things your black friend is not telling you.

“I might be smiling at your “Blaccent jokes”, but inside, I’m deeply hurt”

The problem today, is we make jokes without considering the people involved with that joke. Your Black friend might be smiling or throwing some laugh at your Blaccent jokes, but deep inside, she is hurt. She cannot say it directly in the fear of being branded as “onion skin”, or “a too serious” gal, so she kept quiet about it.

African American

“I hate when you experience discomfort because of our friendship”

Black people are used to the generalism that’s been going around in society. We hate it when you have to hear those remarks about us. It makes us feel terrible when you had to face those uncomfortable experiences, just because I am your friend. And I know that you are also torn on what to do in these difficult situations. I feel you, but I rather not say it.


“Hey, there are many topics we could talk about aside from racism”

I understand that you want to empower me that you accept me regardless of my color or race. But we are friends, I accept you for who you are regardless of our cultural differences. So let us enjoy these moments together and forget our differences. Let’s talk about our dreams and plans. It may be hard to ignore the differences between us, but I believe our friendship gives us the reason to.


“I have to be very careful, so I will not be misjudged”

You know there were so many times when I on the verge of releasing my anger, but I have to be very careful, so they won’t misjudge me and my race. During those times, when the situation is unfair and denied to buy traffic for website just because I’m Black, I was hoping that someone would speak up for me. I know it’s too much to ask, so I keep it to myself.