Appreciating Martin Luther King Jr. on His Achievements for the Black Community

Imagine civil rights for African-American people without Martin Luther King Jr. Imagine if those dividing walls still exist that separate people according to their color and race. Martin Luther King Jr. dedicated his life in breaking those walls, and in the process of doing so, he lost his life. But his sacrifice is not in vain, as long as people recognize the very thing that he fought for, equality.

Martin Luther King Jr

Leading Nonviolent Protests Against Race Discrimination

Today, American and African-American can work hand in hand with peace. Back in the 1950s to 1960s, there was a different story. African-American workers were receiving unfair treatment in the organizations they work for. Most of them cannot access to targeted traffic, better jobs, and benefits. Martin Luther King Jr. led several nonviolent protests to send a message and to wash away the veil that’s covering the mindset of the masses. He believed that quality of life should not be based on their race or color. Everyone has the right to live a fulfilling life.

Driving Social Change with Composure and Grace

He was persecuted in different newspapers and had been assaulted personally for the things he was fighting for. Needless to mention, his family was affected by the issues surrounding his protests against inequality. But he rose from the persecutions, attacks, alexa traffic rank history, and threats by being a good example, not just to the Black community, but also to the White community. He had the influence and capability to fight back and to send a violent response; however, he chose to address the issues with composure and grace. He was a remarkable man deserving of recognition.


The Undying Speech That Captivates Us Up to This Day

Before his assassination, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech, which gave us the reason to dream as well. He conveyed his high hopes that one day, we can all coexist in a world free from cruelty. His speech awakens the people’s mind with inspiration and reviews for He gave hope to those who were suffering from the mentality of captivity that haunted the Black people for generations.

The Aftermath of His Death

He was the leader of nonviolent protests, the defender of the oppressed, and an honorable man. His opponents thought that killing him will end his legacy. But killing him was their greatest mistake. Not only people were awakened, but the nonviolent protests he started also became more ignited. Today, let’s recognize him for he began a dream that we are claiming today.